Why Become a Blue Ribbon Franchisee?

Do you dream of venturing successfully into the UK Home Care market? Blue Ribbon is here to help you every step of the way, with our reputable and proven Home Care “Franchise Management System”.

Established in 2009, Blue Ribbon Community Care is run by a well-practised team with valuable home care business experience & knowledge.  Our track record is clear, our original business continues to grow long after its inception in 2005.

By effectively recruiting and managing an ever-expanding network of hand-picked Health and Social Care Workers, our Blue Ribbon Management System will ensure you too can provide a highly reputable service which will almost certainly assure future business success.


Franchisee feedback

“From a business point of view, I felt the Franchise was practically recession proof. Because people are living longer, the home care industry has real potential for growth and it is forecast to keep increasing in value.  I like Blue Ribbon’s progressive philosophy and felt confident it was the right choice for me.”

A year ago the thought of running my own business would have left me feeling panicked but you have all the necessary support and information at your fingertips with Blue Ribbon and I have never felt happier or more in control”

“We analysed a lot of sectors and many different franchises and ultimately kept coming back to Blue Ribbon. The industry has tremendous growth prospects and the Blue Ribbon team is dedicated and passionate about providing quality service.”

“Very professional, very organised, but they understand that we are dealing with vulnerable people. As they’ve all been practitioners themselves, they get that. If you understand the distinction, then Blue Ribbon is probably the place for you too.”

“As I looked at the different Companies who offered a domiciliary care franchise, I came to the conclusion some were franchise companies offering a care package, some were social care companies that were offering franchises. I found that distinction important and is the main reason I chose Blue Ribbon.”

The Blue Ribbon Advantage

Running a home care business is a rewarding venture that allows you to make a difference to people’s lives.  But setting up a home care business; finding premises, recruiting and training reliable staff, planning financial matters and adhering to the many regulations that govern the industry can be overwhelming.

Blue Ribbon’s “Home Care Franchise” model brings an empowering partnership that enables you to provide the very best home care services.  We help you to plan and then we support you with the running of your business, your goal then is to ensure satisfaction and success for everyone involved.