Blue Ribbon began its own Home Care services in 2005 with Calon Lan Community Care.

That’s 13 years of successfully running Home Care businesses.  Remarkable success soon paved the way for the start of the “Home Care Franchise” business model. There’s been no looking back since then.

Our Franchise network has gained a distinctive reputation in the home care industry and the receipt of the Home Care Group Award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 is a testament to the progress we have made.

As a Blue Ribbon Franchisee, you will have the opportunity of not only entering the Home Care market quickly and safely, but flourishing within it.

The market for care at home is expected to increase year on year.  The United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA) believes the number of people arranging their own care and support  is increasing every year.  The market is expected to benefit from a trend towards an ageing population who wish to remain in their own home when receiving care.

The positive market development is a partial reflection of Government initiatives to promote independent living, with emphasis on reducing demand for residential care through the provision of improved home care services.

According to the UKHCA, the financial headline figures in 2016 for home care in England are:

  • Total people using domiciliary care: 673,000

  • Total hours of domiciliary care delivered: 249 million

  • Total direct expenditure on domiciliary care: £3.3 billion

  • Local authority: £2.6 billion

  • Expenditure by self-funders: £623 million

  • Total people receiving a direct payment: 144,000

  • Total expenditure on direct payments: £1.4 billion

  • Total people employed in the domiciliary care sector: 527,000

  • Total number of registered locations providing domiciliary care: 8,458 (3.3% increase compared to previous year)


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