Running your own business requires serious commitment, so it’s important that as a new Franchisee you are prepared for what’s to come.

Franchising with Blue Ribbon is a great opportunity to get your business up an running smoothly and safely, while benefitting from ongoing support and guidance from our experienced network.

From first contact, our team can guide you through a structured process to establish a good relationship, discuss Blue Ribbon’s values and map out the processes required to run your own Home Care business.

Our processes will guide you from your initial enquiry to the launch of your business and beyond.  The first steps are laid out below.

To get things started, the best way to get in touch would be to request a prospectus.  Once you’ve made contact we will send you a series of emails giving you the opportunity to book a slot with our Managing Director..

Our aim is to speak to you within a week of receiving your initial enquiry.  Please don’t be alarmed by our wish to speak with you it is part of the qualifying process and shouldn’t take too long.  We are happy to speak with you outside normal office hours subject to arrangement. Once you’ve booked a time to speak with Noel you will receive Blue Ribbon’s Home Care Franchise Prospectus.

We will contact you within a week of our telephone chat to see whether you would like to take the next step which is a face to face meeting. It’s in this first meeting that we can discuss what you hope to get from your Home Care Franchise business and why you feel you would be good for the Blue Ribbon network. This is also an opportunity for us to gauge further your ability to run your own business, as well as your commitment to and understanding of the care industry.

This meeting is also an opportunity for us to discuss informally how you intend to finance your business venture.

Following our meeting, we will organise paperwork for you to sign, this is known as ‘intent to proceed’ and requires a non disclosure agreement as well as the payment of a deposit so we can help you further explore the opportunity.  This further exploration consists of Market Research and Business Planning.

Once you have paid the deposit and made clear your intention to proceed with Blue Ribbon we’ll organise for you to speak with  one of our Franchisees. This is your opportunity to find out what it is really like to be a Franchisee within the Blue Ribbon network.

After your information gathering we’ll invite you to meet with us once again.  As part of this meeting, there will be an opportunity for you to ask any final  questions you might have about Blue Ribbon and our team, so you can be sure that our brand and support is the right choice for you.

If all is well from the last meeting then now’s the time to sign ‘The Agreement’. This will be sent to you  via our Solicitor.  Once The Agreement is signed by all parties we can get the ball rolling.

You will be invited to spend a week with us in Chester to receive the first part of your training which covers the setting up and running of your very own Blue Ribbon Home Care Franchise.  The training takes place from Monday to Friday and is residential, this ensures there are few distractions and that you’re well rested for the intensive learning.  The training doesn’t stop after this initial week though.

After attending the initial training it’s time for your business plan to become a reality. This includes getting your premises equipped and ready for action. You won’t be doing this all on your own, we’ll be with you every step of the way and helping you with interviewing a suitable Manager, setting up and installing your office IT systems and helping you find suitable furniture.  We have been known to pick up a paint brush before now!

The final stage of the initial process is the Marketing and Launch campaign.  Our Support team and Marketing Toolkit will help you launch your business successfully into your local market, all you need to do now is be prepared for the first enquiry.